ASIC – Air Safety Investigation and Consulting

Primarily directed towards organizations concerned with passengers’ families and accident victims. From our personal experiences, we are aware that, in most cases, those affected by aviation accidents find themselves in a state of insecurity and anxiety, not knowing what to do next in terms of facing the situation, which in most cases is tragic, and where support and help are absent. These persons lack support from both experts and qualified investigators who can aid the process of claiming what is just and in their best interest. Instead, they are left at the mercy of organizations whose interest lay far from the personal issues of the victims of aviation accidents and their families. At ASIC we understand and emphasize one point, for every one aviation accident or incident, the number of people affected by it grows exponentially, amounting to large a group of persons who are unified by this tragedy, but also have  multiple individual and personal issues and needs. Following is a list of incentives offered by our activities and objectives at ASIC: a) Professional investigators qualified and specialized in the technical investigation of accidents in both Europe and United States. Leading our group of experts is  Orlando Jimenez Forero, who has intervened in over 300 cases, either giving an expert’s report or offering his expert opinion in court, in both Europe and United States. b) Collaborating experts: psychologists, doctors, and engineers. c) Legal advice. This an important point to highlight. We cannot forget that in most cases, victims and associations face teams of lawyers belonging to important international law firms with abundant experience. At least in Europe, the number of law firms that can handle an aviation-accident case is very limited. ASIC is in contact with these firms and can therefore provide the victims with the contact information of the firm of their choosing. There are a number of International Conventions (Montreal, Warsaw) and regulations (both American and European) that will hold the key to most of the cases in our field. Knowledge and understanding of these regulatory bodies is paramount in our profession, and ASIC professionals have are experts in these international regulations. We also note that our services are also available for accident/incident investigations in need of expert advice our help, and we are open to cases in any country. 2. Advice for companies and individuals. Companies: Given the scarcity of professionals in commercial aviation with experience and expertise, we are aware of the importance in selecting adequate professionals to handle aeronautical companies. The process of hiring and selecting pilots, operational technicians, coordinators, and other flight related professionals is a lengthy and rigorous one, where individuals must spend many hours undergoing training, and taking them away from their specialized duties becomes a burden. Having such a competitive and selective process is part of promoting safety as well as trust in the company.  In order to facilitate the needs of companies, ASIC has access to hours of simulators, instructors, and means of conducting various flight-related tests to aid in the final selection. It is a primary objective of ASIC, always abiding by the rules and regulations specified in Annex XIII of the OACI), to collaborate with countries that lack the means and resources necessary to investigate aviation accidents. Our aid includes, but is not limited to, collaborating with civil aviation authorities in the elaboration of expert reports, keeping in mind the regulations in the previously cited Annex. Individuals. We offer aid in preparing new professionals integrate  themselves in the airlines and companies. Aviation is becoming a more and more rigorous profession, and so are the requirements to meet the standards of companies that guarantee excellence. It is obvious that in the years to come, commercial aviation will undergo important developments through out the world, and more specifically in developing countries where the future of professionals depend on their ability to reach the standards, knowledge, and development of competitive countries while maintaining primary focus on safety, as it is the key essential of the aviation world. Developing career skills. Professional individual growth is an ever-changing phenomena that is continuous evolution. The constantly evolving field of commercial aviation requires continuous growth both in individuals’ skills and knowledge, while never forgetting the imperative objective of safety, and thus requires training continuous training throughout one’s career. At ASIC we count on our team of collaborators and highly qualified instructors who offer customized courses and look to combine productivity and excellence. We are in contact with the best in the world in our flied and thus cover the necessities of the time.