About us

Air Safety Investigation & Consulting has emerged as a reaction to the difficulties posed for many countries, organizations, and victims’ families in relation to aviation incidents and accidents and the need to conduct a professional investigation in this complex field of expertise. ASIC developed out of the consciousness of the necessity to have independent experts that can be trusted to help victims and their families face the reality of the facts without exploiting them, which unfortunately, occurs much too often.

In the extensive experience of our team’s career, we have found an extremely high percentage of victims that suffer from difficulties in finding any support with regards to the investigation of aviation incidents and accidents. This support is, without a doubt, essential because both the victim and their legal advisors must know, and, more important, understand the facts and procedures that lead to an accident or incident. We are aware that hiring an investigator is a costly task, and we cannot forget that it is unheard of to depend of a single investigator; a multi-disciplinary team is needed to analyze the issue in a holistic manner.

In the years to come, the development of aviation will take an important step forward, especially in developing countries (China, Brasil, Chile, Singapore, etc.). These countries will find themselves in an avalanche of aircraft sales that will suppose an impressive increase in aero-traffic. To this date, there are published studies that deem todays pilots unprepared to tackle this issue, and suggest measures of training to prepare pilots for this upcoming increase in traffic.

The fundamental objective of this organization is SAFETY, and as we have already mentioned, helping the victims. With that said, it is important to note that we collaborate so that exploiting aviation manufacturers and corporations become aware that safety must be the number one priority, and there is no such thing as too much precaution when it comes to this issue.

An additional objective we take very seriously includes providing advice to both professionals and prospective professionals in regards to receiving the best education; that is, what country, what schools, through what means, etc. We do this because we consider this an important contribution in promoting safety. One pilot, mechanic, or aviation professional is synonymous to safety and efficacy.